Anxious Patients

Contact Plenty Valley Family Dental and never have dental anxiety again!

If you are still negotiating with your pain and avoiding visiting a dentist, it can be because of dental anxiety. In several instances, we notice that patients try to delayed dental treatments and even routine dental scale & clean visits due to anxiety of being in the dental chair. The team at Plenty Valley Family Dental works in tandem to ensure that your time at our clinic is as soothing and relaxed as possible.

We welcome all our patients with care and empathetic manner to calm your nerves and to put your mind at ease.

Reasons for dental anxiety

Some of the common reasons are –

  • Fear of pain: This is the most prevailing reason for which they avoid coming for treatment. They feel that when their tooth is already so much in pain, putting any equipment will worsen the matter.
  • Embarrassment: Some patients do not want to expose the decay of their tooth in front of anyone.
  • Previous bad experience: In case they have suffered some bad experience in the past, it gets difficult for them to get over the issue. Hence, they avoid getting treatment as a result of previous traumatic experience.
How does Plenty Valley Family Dental offer help?

We make sure that patients with dental anxiety are in a caring environment with genuine support so that they do not feel overwhelmed with the treatment involved or by the dental chair. For this, here are some techniques that we use –

  • Our team has gentle, emapthetic and caring dentists
  • We have a friendly team who are extremely approachable
  • We can offer conscious sedation to make you feel relaxed (where clinically possible and required)
  • Can organise some dental treatments under GA for anxious patients who would like dental treatment done under general anaesthesia.

Enjoy our calm and conscious dentistry. Let us treat anxious patients for dental checkup with absolute care.