Gum Lift

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Excessive gum coverage (also known as a gummy smile) is one issue that makes most people self-conscious about their smiles. Even the healthiest and most beautiful teeth can get overshadowed with an elongated and an uneven gum line. Is the same bothering you? Don’t worry! Our dentists at Plenty Valley Family Dental can evenly raise your gum line and expose your teeth with the best gum lift surgery.

With years of dental experience, our dedicated cosmetic dentists offer the highest standard of service to all our patients. We follow safe procedures to recontour your teeth.

Gum lifting or 'Gingivectomy'

The procedure is the removal of a portion of gingiva (gum) from in and around a tooth or teeth in order to treat gum disease or to alter the width or length of a tooth. It can be performed by a general dentist who has training in periodontal surgery. Another type of periodontal surgery is called a gingivoplasty. A gingivoplasty is different than a gingivectomy as the former only involves a partial removal of the gums (plasty). The latter removes an entire portion of a gum section.


The treatment is carried out with a scalpel or sometime laser is deployed. Patient is administered local anaesthetic during the treatment in-chair.


Normal oral routine is achieved usually within 3-4 weeks. It is advisable that routine check-up and reviews are done by your dentist every 3-4 months for at least 12 months.

How can our gum lift surgery help you?

With our accurate diagnosis and highest quality treatment, we ensure the following benefits of the surgery –

  • Healthier and longer teeth
  • Proportional teeth
  • Improved smile
  • Drastic boost in self-confidence
  • Overall improved oral health

Gum lift surgery is the right choice when:

  • You have irritation due to braces
  • Lips are high due to teeth setting, and the gum line becomes visible.
  • Abnormal wear and tear of the teeth making the normal gum look abnormal
  • When new tooth comes out, the gum doesn’t move back naturally.

We are committed to you and to offering superior gum recontouring in South Morang and the surrounding suburbs.


So, don’t wait more! If you have more queries regarding the best gum lift surgery, feel free to call us or drop us a message via email.