Snap On Smile

Instant smile makeover with Snap-On Smile at Plenty Valley Family Dental!

Snap-On Smile is a flexible, reversible and non-invasive (no drilling, bonding or cementing of teeth). It is fabricated with a flexible which wraps around your teeth and holds them tight, avoiding any movement whilst speaking or eating.

An insight into Snap-On Smile:

Made of dental resin material, this appliance can give a reversible smile painlessly and instantly. Patients can use this removable tool to cover up their natural teeth and get a reversible smile with no fuss.

With our caring and excellent service, we fulfil the dreams of everyone who desires to get a Hollywood-like smile makeover. It’s an easy and affordable alternative to a permanent dental treatment like veneers.

With Snap-On Smile, we can treat the following:
  • Stubbornly stained teeth
  • Misaligned or misshapen teeth
  • Long or uneven gaps
  • Crooked teeth

Our expert dentists have successfully offered Snap on smile in South Morang for years now. And are one of the few clinics which offer this service in Melbourne.

Who can get Snap-On Smile?

This non-invasive appliance is suited for patients who desire a beautiful smile through a process that’s completely pain free, flexible and affordable.

And it’s completely reversible.

Our convenient process:

We follow a very simple and customized approach for Snap-On Smile.

Step 1: Initial consultation including taking impressions and intra-oral photos. The dentist will also discuss the shade guide and different shapes to suit to your taste.

Step 2: Lab work sent to Snap-on smile laboratory

Step 3: Once its ready, we schedule an appointment for insertion. Snap it on and walk home with a beautiful smile !!

What makes us your personal favourite?

Here’s what you can enjoy with us.

  • Snap-On Smile covers for both upper and lower arch.
  • Quality material ensuring durability
  • Our team dedicated towards personalized patient care
  • Accessibility to cutting-edge technology
Let’s have a talk!

We believe a thorough assessment of your oral health is extremely important before treatment. So, contact us now for an appointment with our caring dentists. We are looking forward to offering you with the top dental services in South Morang.