Sports mouth guard

Plenty Valley Family Dental has the bestsports mouth guards for you!

Mouth guards are a device worn over your teeth that protects them from injury. Mouth guards are a important dental device which protects your teeth when participating in athletic activities like footy, cricket, bike ride and other forms of vigorous sports.

Mouth guards are worn over upper teeth and help prevent injury or trauma to the teeth whilst participating in athletic sports.

Types of Mouth Guards

A well-made mouth guard should fit well and be resilient. It should be comfortable to wear and protect you from injury during playing an athletic sport.

At Plenty Valley Family Dental we offer custom-made mouth guards which are the perfect choice if you desire the perfect fit which does not hinder your speech and protect your teeth properly. The different types of mouth guards are as follows:

  • Custom-made mouth guards– These are custom made to suit the shape and size of your teeth. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth in-chair and they are then sent to the laboratory to have the mouth guard fabricated. We offer mouth guards in clear and various other colours to suit your style and preference.
  • Pre-made mouth guards– They are stock of the shelf mouth guards and are relatively inexpensive but the fit and protection can be poor.

At our clinic we only offer custom made mouth guards as we strongly believe that they are the only option if you want real protection against trauma or injury to your teeth whilst playing an athletic sport as they are customized to have a perfect fit for your teeth.