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An endodontic or root canal treatment is required when the nerve in the tooth becomes infected and causes an infection and pain. It is crucial procedure to save the tooth and avoid pulling it out. As extraction can cause other teeth to drift as well and the costs associated with replacing it with an artificial tooth.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the infected nerves inside a tooth are treatment to clear the infection and restore the tooth with a filling and a subsequent crown.

This treatment is required when:

  • tooth decay occurs
  • fillings leak, or;
  • teeth are damaged by trauma, such as a fall

When bacteria enters your tooth via deep cavities or cracked tooth, they can cause an abscess. An abscessed tooth causes infection of the pulp and which in turn needs to be removed to cure the swelling and pain. Our dentists can diagnose these symptoms via x-ray or other changes to the tooth.

Pulp Infection

The symptoms of a pulp infection include:

  • severe pain whilst eating or drinking
  • pain whilst chewing or biting
  • wobbly or loose tooth

In some instances the symptoms/pain disappears or subsides as the pulp dies and the tooth appears healed. But it is important that you see your dentist if you develop toothache.

Post treatment Option

It is highly recommended to cap or a crown cemented on a root canal treated tooth to protect its integrity and to give it strength.

A crown is a prosthetic device that is used to fully cover or cap a damaged tooth to give it strength and protect the tooth structure.

Depending on patient choice and clinical requirements a crown can be of the following types:

  • Porcelain Crown
  • Metal Crown
  • Gold Crown

At Plenty Valley Family Dental, our dentists can match the shade of the crown (porcelain) to the colour of your natural teeth.