Brace yourself for that perfect SMILE! It brings out confidence and a first great impression.  If two persons who have similar skills and experience show up to a job interview, the one who smiles beautiful and confidently has a good shot at landing the job than the one who carries a stern face.  So why aren’t more people wearing braces to achieve that nice smile?  Costs can be a major factor.  Time, not wanting to spend 1-2 years in treatment, is another one.  Beyond, there are other factors that prevent people from seeking orthodontic treatment.  Here are seven common fears that our patients express when thinking about braces:

1) Braces will be painful.

              Fear of pain is normal to most people.  The truth is that braces does not hurt that much.  Many research and studies conducted on people with braces, patient ranked the pain level is average 3/10.  Most of the time, it is a light dull aching pain for 2-3 days then disappear. There is also over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen to help with discomfort. Other aids such as wax and silicone protectors can minimize any discomfort.

2) Apprehension that metal in the mouth will not look good aesthetically.

              Kids and teens may fear that braces “look funny” and other kids may make fun of them.  The truth is that nowadays braces are so popular that braces are seen as a fashion trends. Most teens like to customize their braces with specific colour ties to match their fashion sense and outfits. For adults or teenagers who cannot have braces, Invisalign or clear braces might be an alternative.

3) Concerns about food getting stuck in between teeth.

             There is a higher likelihood for more food to get caught in between the teeth and will require a little more time for cleaning.  Most people spend an extra 10 minutes at night to clean in between their braces before bedtime.  They also spend a few more minutes during the day to brush or swish out the mouth with water in between meals.

4) Will braces cause bad breath?

              Heavier concentration of oral bacteria causes bad breath as they release sulphur gas.  In general, if you brush your teeth thoroughly, brush your tongue daily, and go to your general dentist 2-4 times per year during orthodontic treatment, you can prevent bad breath.  Our dentists at Southern Cross Smiles can effectively address the issues relating to bad breath.

5) Extended timeframe of the treatment

              With some children, the thought of having braces each year seem like an eternity.  If treatment may last two years, it sounds like forever.  However, given two years of braces to achieve a lifetime of having a beautiful, straight smile is something not to regret.  That confident boosting smile is worth a lifetime of happiness.

6) Financial concerns

Braces are quite affordable in the present times and we offer monthly interest-free payment option (after the initial outlay and deposit) to make braces more affordable. 

7) Resistance to change.

             It is normal human nature that they are more comfortable to stay on status quo and not doing anything about it. After all, you have this crooked smile for many years and you are identified to it.  The thing is it takes courage to make a change. If you want a beautiful smile, you need to make sacrifices.  You need to take the first step to set up an orthodontic consultation and begin. 

Our journey to change and get braces starts with a FREE initial face-to-face orthodontic consultation our principal dentist Dr Ruchika Sharma and get all your queries addressed.  Visit our website at for more information or call us on 8418 6838.