our core values

Our Core Values.

The team at Plenty Valley Family Dental firmly believes in the following core values:

Superior Dental Care
At Plenty Valley Family Dental we always strive to provide you with superior dental care and ensure that you are provided with the best dental treatment.

Superior dental care is achieved through professional excellence and teamwork with individualised attention to each patient. For us, patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance and our team works hard to deliver on patient expectations and go beyond.

Motivated Team
The team at Plenty Valley Family Dental always works in cohesion and in tandem to provide you with affordable, reliable, ethical and stress free dental care.

At Plenty Valley Family Dental, you will find our staff to be caring, dedicated and committed to making your dental consultation and treatment a satisfying experience. Patients will always receive respect and proper attention from each of our motivated team members.

We strongly believe in providing the best dental healthcare services to our patients in an ethical manner and with integrity.

Latest Technologies
We employ the latest technologies in our high standard, comfortable & family friendly dental clinic. Plenty Valley Family Dental is optioned with intra-oral camera’s, high-end dental chairs, top of the range sterilisation equipment (autoclave) amongst other state of the art dental equipment to provide our patients with superior, safe and technologically up to date dental treatment.

At Plenty Valley Family Dental, we believe in instilling patient confidence (patient education) so that the patient can make an informed decision by providing complete & comprehensive treatment plan to patients prior to treatment by adopting latest technologies like intra oral camera’s, dietary advice and the use of practice management software.

Hence, your SMILE is our priority at Plenty Valley Family Dental.

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